Take Your Travel Business

Take Your Travel Business

Listen, whether you’ve already earned your frequent flyer miles as a travel agent or are jumping on board for the first time, you need to develop your skills as a business owner and master the ins and outs of the travel industry.

Maybe you’ve already tried other host agencies but never reached your full potential. You know you could be doing more, but you can’t figure out how to get there. Or maybe you’re just starting out, unsure of where to begin or how to decide on which host agency is right for you.

As an innovative host agency with a unique take on the industry, Travel Success Academy is here to make sure you succeed. We share our experiences and wisdom to help you build the travel business you’ve been dreaming about.

We’re here to do more than tell you to sell, sell, sell. We’re here to show you how to build a business well by pulling in profits year after year and keeping your clients happy!

Travel Success Academy is your ticket to creating a business with a host agency that meets your needs as both a business owner and a travel professional.

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The Travel Success Academy

We're There from the Start

Pack your bags as we travel together through the critical first steps of building your business, so you start strong.

Total Business Building

Build every aspect of your business the right way – from operations to productivity and beyond.

Pricing Made Easy

Get to know the pricing models we’ve established to help you generate profit from the start.

Marketing Mastery

Discover how to get the word out and secure a steady stream of clients by mastering our proven marketing strategies.

Industry News Updates

Keep yourself and your clients in the know with the latest travel news and industry trends.

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Is Travel Success Academy Right for You?

Ready to say bon voyage to your full-time job and start a business in the travel industry?

Interested in adding a second income stream for yourself and your family?

Searching for a new host agency that provides better business-building training?

An established agency owner looking to learn a new business model that will allow you to scale your business and increase your revenue?

Looking for a new host agency that’s dedicated to sharing industry knowledge and personal expertise?

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We’re Here to Help You Succeed

Through years of personal experience, we understand exactly what it takes to be successful in the travel industry. And we know how easy it is to get lost and frustrated when you’re out there trying to make it on your own. So, we’ve created Travel Success Academy to show you how to run a successful travel business.

Soon, your business will be flying high – generating real income
and allowing you to do exactly what you love!

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"Shanterria Earley is an outstanding mentor and leader like none other. I’ve never experienced anyone in the travel industry who pours their heart and soul into teaching others.

Especially in an industry that is so competitive and yet her primary interest in doing so, is to see others succeed!

She is a class act and I couldn’t think of a better name for the academy because that will be the end result for those under her tutelage."

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