Stay Ahead of the Game with these Top Travel Trends for 2022

Uncategorized May 13, 2022

As pandemic restrictions ease and people get back to traveling, hotspots are changing. So, what destinations are capturing the hearts and minds of travelers this year? Where is everyone headed?

Here’s a closer look at the top travel trends that are taking shape in 2022 so you can stay ahead of the game!

Destination #1: Beachy Towns Across the U.S.

People are still a little hesitant to travel overseas in the wake of the pandemic and many folks are just looking for a simple vacation that allows them to ditch the stress of everyday life. And that makes beachy U.S. towns and cities ideal for a week-long getaway.

Hawaiian destinations and Florida hotspots like Naples, Clearwater and Fort Myers Beach are incredibly popular right now. Many travelers are also seeking out the old-world charm of northern coastal towns in Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Destination #2: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has been creeping up in popularity for some time now and it’s finally hitting the top of travel lists around the world. Why? Well, this city is truly one-of-a-kind. Dubai is a glitzy city with all the trimmings – golden beaches, excellent restaurants, spectacular shopping and luxurious hotels.

Travelers feel like they’re in another time and place when they visit, experiencing things that can only be found in this unique city. It’s truly an exciting place and more and more people are paying attention to all the things this city has to offer.

Destination #3: Camping and Glamping in the West

The pandemic made people view vacations in a new way. Instead of flocking to crowded cities like Tokyo, many were looking to get away from the crowds and spend time in the wide-open spaces across the U.S. For some, that means finding incredible places to camp with locations in Colorado and Montana proving to be popular options.

For travelers who don’t want to get too close to nature, glamping has become increasingly popular. Dude ranches and high-end cabins give people all the outdoor experiences they’re looking for while providing the little luxuries of a high-end hotel room.

Destination #4: Mexico

Mexico has always been appealing to American travelers and that still holds true in 2022. For one thing, Mexico has eased travel restrictions, eliminating a lot of the COVID-19-related stress people are facing with travel across other continents. Mexico is also relatively affordable and close to the U.S. when compared to similar destinations.

And of course, Mexico has plenty to offer travelers of all types. Visitors are drawn to the country’s beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and all-inclusive resorts that serve up luxury experiences all day long.

Destination #5: Classic European Cities

Places like London, Paris and Rome are expected to rise in popularity with travelers once again. These beautiful and historic cities have enduring appeal with classic architecture, fine dining and rich cultural experiences at every turn. Now that restrictions are easing, people are excited to get back to their travel bucket lists.

As people get excited to travel again, the variety of hot destinations has expanded. From domestic beach and camping vacations to exhilarating Dubai and classic European cities, there are a number of places that are expected to be popular in the months to come. Want to stay on top of other travel trends? Join us at the 2022 Travel Business Success Summit in Atlanta!


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